A battery is a crucial component of a car. It is therefore important for you to choose the right battery for your car. There are various brands in the market that deal with car batteries. However, certain parameters have to be considered in choosing a car battery. It is a difficult decision if you do not have prior experience or technical knowledge. So, if you’re wondering how to choose a car battery, we are there to help you with it.

What the factors to be considered while choosing a car battery?

The factors that you must take into account while choosing a car battery are as follows:


The most important parameter to be considered in choosing a car battery is its power. 12 Volts is the standard voltage of car batteries. But what makes the actual difference in their strength is determined in terms of ampere it can deliver. It is known as Ampere hour (Ah) in technical terms. So the Ah rating of your battery must be high enough to sustain your car requirements. It is obvious that the more the Ah ratings of the car battery, the more expensive it will be. Moreover, if you live in a place having very cold temperatures then you must also ensure that both the Cranking Amps (CA) and the Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) of the battery are high. Your car dealer will be the most appropriate person to tell which of these particulars will best meet your car model requirements.

Reserve Capacity:

The car battery that you opt for must have a high Reserve Capacity (RC). There is an alternator in every car battery which charges the battery by providing it current. There are chances that the alternator may fail to work on account of certain reasons. In such a situation, the RC of the battery will determine how long the battery will work to make your car run. The battery label specifies its RC. You can also contact your car dealer for assistance. Just remember that a car battery with a high RC rating is always preferred.


Car batteries are not bought very frequently. It’s an investment in your car that lasts for some years. So, you must always go for long-lasting options. When a car is used regularly, a durable battery ideally lasts for around 4 to 5 years. If used sparingly, then it may die in about 3 years. Thus, durability is an essential criterion that must be looked into before buying a car battery. The price of a car battery is an important indicator of ascertaining its life.

Suitable dimensions:

Dimensions of a battery play a vital role in the selection. Not all batteries are meant for all kinds of cars. The battery must suit your car specifications. There is a battery tray in your car where the battery rests. The battery you choose must be of such size and shape that it comfortably fits in the battery tray. Your car dealer or battery store assistant can guide you on the dimension i.e., length, width, and height of the battery that will best suit your car.

After-sale service:

Many people prefer to buy car components from companies and brands that offer after-sale services. This means they are at your service even after you purchase the product. So if anything goes wrong with the car battery after you’ve bought it, they’ll get it repaired. In such a case you do not have to wander and search for mechanics to fix the battery. You’ll have the ease of directly contacting the store from where you’ve purchased the battery and your work will be done.


A warranty is an add-on benefit and it is highly recommended when you purchase a car battery. There are chances of the battery being defective or dying before its lifetime due to various reasons. In such situations, if the battery is of a brand that offers a warranty then you can get it replaced or repaired free of cost. Therefore, you must choose a brand that offers a long-term warranty.

Manufacturing date:

This is something that many car owners forget or ignore to check when buying a car battery. The efficiency and the overall lifetime of a battery deteriorate with time. So always buy a fresh battery that is not more than 4-6 months old. Be an informed consumer and never forget to check the manufacturing date before you buy a car battery.

Terminal positions:

There are positive and negative terminals on every battery. They can be placed anywhere on the battery depending upon the brand. The terminals of a car battery must be at such a position that the cables attached to them are neither too stretched nor too lose. You must ensure that the cables are firmly fixed to the terminals of the car battery that you choose.


Car batteries are expensive so nobody wants to spend on its maintenance. Two types of batteries are available in the market. One is an auto battery or sealed battery that requires no maintenance. Another is a non-sealed battery that requires refilling of distilled water at regular intervals depending upon the use. Although it is affordable, it requires regular monitoring of the battery water levels. Therefore, many car owners prefer a battery that is low on maintenance i.e., the auto car battery.

Reviews and ratings:

The battery company that you select must be a standard and reputable one. Check the ratings of the battery brand that you intend to buy. Additionally, reading reviews online proves out to be a useful tool in technical matters like choosing a car battery. Even getting feedback from your friends or family members who have actually used a particular car battery is essential. Such a person will always speak with experience and assist you better.

So, these are the main factors that will guide you in choosing the right battery for your car. Do consider them before you make a purchase!

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