Popularly known as a jump-starter, a car battery booster pack is a backup power device used by car owners. It usually comes to your rescue at times of emergency to jump-start your car. It is of great help especially when you’re delayed for work and realize that your car battery has died.

Thus, as a car owner, you always look for a reliable car battery booster pack. However, with so many options to choose from, you might wonder which booster pack to buy. So, for your convenience, here we have reviewed 3 commonly-used jump-starters. But, first, let us look into its main features that you must consider when you shop for one.


Some of the main traits that you should look for in a car battery booster pack are:

Power in terms of amps:

The purpose of a jump-starter is to start the vehicle in emergencies. So, the most important feature of a car battery booster pack is its starting power. The power is measure in terms of ampere or amps. The indication of a high-quality jump-starter is its high amp rating.

Charging speed:

When we talk about battery booster packs, its charging speed is a vital consideration. Since it acts as an emergency power back-up, an efficient jump-starter must have a high charging speed.


Safety is a vital factor that you must consider while buying electronic devices. Nowadays, jump-starters are equipped with spark-free technology. So, always go for battery booster packs that are spark and shock-resistant.

Ease of handling:

These days the market is flooded with portable car battery booster packs. Being a road-side life-saving device, it must be so designed that it is easy to carry and handle. Hence, a compact, lightweight, and convenient to use jump-starter must always be preferred.

Temperature resistance:

Working at normal temperatures is not an unusual trait of a jump-starter. But, the ability of a car battery booster pack to work in low temperatures is a crucial feature. It is a requirement for people who live in cold regions and an added benefit for others.

Additional features:

Multifunctional jump starters have in-built features of an Ac inverter, flashlight, USB port, air compressor, etc. By virtue of these features, a jump-starter can also be used for other purposes besides starting a dead vehicle. These are not main but ancillary features that you may look for while buying a car battery booster pack.

Thus, act as a conscious consumer and do consider these features when you purchase a jump-starter for your vehicle.


1.GOOLOO 1500A Peak SuperSafe Car Jump Starter

This car jump-starter is featured with amazingly high power output. It can start 12V cars with gas engines up to 8 Litres and diesel engines up to 6 Litres. A completely charged GOOLOO 1500A SuperSafe Car Jump Starter can work for approximately 30 times with a maximum power of 1500 amps. However, in some cases, its capacity may reduce after a few uses. It is well-equipped with advanced security protection which makes it safer to handle this jump-starter. Moreover, its clamps are relatively bigger and long-lasting. The most striking feature of this jump-starter is its LCD panel. It displays the battery level and indicates when the device needs charging. It also comes with a dual USB port that supports all kinds of USB charging gadgets. Its LED light feature has three different modes including high, strobe, and SOS. It is a very compact and lightweight product which makes it portable as well. All in all this jump-starter is a complete life-saving emergency kit.

  • Powerful.
  • Value for money.
  • Safe to use.
  • Battery status indicator.
  • Dual USB port.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Warranty.
  • Not so durable.
  • The owner’s manual is not handy.
  • Unreliable battery life.

2. NOCO Boost Plus GB40 1000 Amp 12-Volt UltraSafe Lithium Car Battery Jump Starter Pack

The NOCO Boost Plus is a widely used car battery booster pack and can be one of your top picks. It is a smartly designed compact and safe to use jump-starter that comes with a spark-proof technology. However, it is relatively heavy and not very portable. It is an efficient battery booster pack that once fully charged can jump-start a vehicle almost 20 times. With a power output capacity of 1000 amps, NOCO Boost Plus can easily jump-start 12V cars. It has the potential to start up to 6 Litres gasoline and up to 3 Litres diesel engines. Its manual-override button can re-start a dead battery even in cold weather. But, it may not be suitable for all car models. Moreover, its charging speed is comparatively fast as it can be recharged completely in 3 hours. Further, it is a proper emergency tool that has built-in features of a LED flashlight and USB port. It can easily charge USB charging devices like smartphones and tablets too.

  • Compact .
  • Easy to use.
  • Works in cold temperatures .
  • Manual override.
  • Spark-proof.
  • Multifunctional.
  • Charging issues may arise.
  • Expensive.
  • Not so powerful.

3. TACKLIFE T8 800A Peak 18000 mAh Lithium Car Jump Starter 

This car battery booster pack comes with a power output of 800 amps. It has the ability to jump-start 12V vehicles like cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks. It takes almost 4.5 hours to get fully charged. Once charged, it can jump-start vehicles for about 30 times. However, it may not take charge in certain cases. It can jump-start up to 7 Litre Gas or 5.5 Litre diesel engines. Moreover, it has a batter-saver button which minimizes self-discharge of the battery when not in use. Further, its metal clamps are smartly designed and durable. It is a versatile backup device that has two USB ports, a cigarette lighter adapter, and a compass. Its emergency LED flashlight comes with red light, strobe, and SOS modes. Although it is easy to handle, its specially designed indicator alerts the user when used inaccurately. It is also equipped with a digital LCD screen that displays the power status of the device.

  • Efficient and versatile.
  • Battery saver option.
  • Power display LED panel.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Affordable.
  • Long-lasting metal clamps.
  • Warranty and after-sale service.
  • Unreliable charging capacity.
  • The user manual contains dubious instructions.
  • Shorter cables.

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