The performance and durability of a car battery always depend on the weather temperature. Most of us don’t consider this fact while choosing a battery for our car. Hot weather can drain your battery a lot quicker than you expect. Also, you may need to replace it sooner than the average battery life.

If you have to use your car frequently in extreme weather, you must choose a battery that is compatible with your weather. The battery should have some eligible features to perform well and last long in hot weather.

So, here we will review the three best car batteries for hot weather and the complete buying guide on how you should choose a battery for your car.  

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Optima RedTop Battery 8020-164

ACDelco Advantage AGM Battery

Odyssey Automotive LTV Battery


AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries are the best for hot weather. Unlike the other traditional car batteries, AGM batteries have some special features to perform better in hot weather.

Standard car batteries harness electrical energy flowing from a positively charged material to a negatively charged material. Batteries capture that energy and use it to start your car. High temperature screw up the reaction and hinder your battery’s ability to function properly. This also shortens the battery’s useable life. 

The inner workings of an AGM battery are entirely different from standard car batteries. These batteries are made of absorbent glass to harness the energy that makes them largely resistant to extreme temperatures.

The AGM batteries come with a special fiberglass mat to absorb the electrolyte solution. It allows AGM batteries to store electrolytes in a “dry” state rather than liquid form. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the electrolyte to be spilled if you tip the battery to the side.

Also, most AGM batteries designed for high heat also have a higher electrolyte-to-lead ratio that boosts the durability of the battery in hot weather. 


Car batteries are specially designed to provide a short, sharp burst of power to start the vehicle’s engine. They provide high bursts of power for short periods of time and once the engine starts the alternator provides all the power that the car needs. The battery uses a relatively small portion of its capacity and is restored by the vehicle’s alternator. Car batteries contain thinner lead grids in active electrolyte material that maximize plate surface area. It helps to deliver greater starting power. However, these batteries are not suitable for providing long periods of power.

On the other hand, deep cycle batteries contain thicker battery plates and a denser active electrolyte material that is able to withstand repeated charge and discharge cycles. Instead of providing high bursts of power for short periods, they deliver sustained power with lower current draw over extended periods. Repeated cycling of a deep cycle battery does not cause the same level of damage that a car battery does during the same usage.


Look for an AGM battery

Don’t think that high temperatures cannot harm your car battery. High temperatures can drain your battery quicker and shorten the lifetime of the battery. If you are concerned with these temperature issues, you should choose a battery that can keep your battery safe from such hot weather. The best choice for this is an AGM battery.

The AGM batteries have completely different inner design and working principles compared to standard car batteries. AGM batteries use a mesh made of absorbent glass to soak up the electrolyte instead of using a liquid suspension. For such a design, they can eliminate the issues related to high temperatures. This battery also provides some other benefits. They are- high level of cranking amps in a small size, spill-proof, increased safety factor, more efficient when charging, and discharging.

So, you can clearly see how efficient the AGM batteries for hot weather. Therefore, if you want to get rid of the temperature issue, you should choose an AGM battery for your car.

Battery dimension

You can find the battery dimensions in the manual. They are measured in length, width, and height and different batteries come with different dimensions. So, you have to check for the dimensions of your chosen battery if it fits within the tray inside your car’s hood.

First, take a measurement of the space available in your car for the battery. You can also consult your mechanic to take the measurement properly. Then look for the correct positioning of the terminals. Once it is done, you can easily purchase the required size. Remember, if the battery doesn’t fit in the tray properly, it can produce extra vibrations.

Age of the battery

If the battery is older than six months from the time of purchase, it is better not to purchase it. Because, over time, the battery becomes less efficient and doesn’t last as the expected time. So, do not ignore the age of the battery. Otherwise, you will regret your money.

You can check the manufactured date or code on the battery. These codes are written in letters and numbers. The letter and number of a battery indicate the date of manufacture. As an example, if you see the code B/5 on a battery that means the battery was manufactured in February in 2015. So, you need to check the codes and choose the newer one.

Power Capacity

If you want to buy a perfect battery for hot weather, you must check the Cranking Amps (CA) of the battery. The Cranking Amps is the amount of energy that is required to start a vehicle at temperatures of 32 degrees Fahrenheit. An auto battery with low CA performs best in hot weather. So, before choosing one, identify the battery that goes with hot weather.

Battery capacity

This refers to the amount of time that the battery can run on its power without the engine and before discharge. This is a measure of how the battery will last on its power in the event of alternator failure. High Reserve Capacity ensures the car’s ability through some tough situations such as alternator failure, a non-compliant engine, and accidentally leaving lights on.

AH or Ampere Hour

AH or Ampere Hour refers to the duration for which the battery can bear the vehicle’s load. Sometimes, we use multiple electrical components in our car. They may cause a lot of power drain from the battery. If you choose a battery with a lower AH, then it cannot run those electrical devices properly. That’s why it is so important factor. So, choose the battery with higher AH.  


You can choose two types of batteries according to maintenance. If you choose a low-maintenance battery, you need to spend time to maintain it properly. Low-maintenance units have unsealed caps that enable you to add water occasionally.

On the other hand, if you choose the maintenance-free battery, you don’t need to spend any time on its maintenance. Maintenance-free units don’t need any maintenance. Because they come sealed and don’t require any replacements.


Surely, you don’t want to buy a car battery that doesn’t come with a warranty or replacement guaranty. Warranty is a must thing to look for when you are purchasing a car battery. Different batteries come in different warranties. It will ensure the long replacement periods for your battery free of cost. So, you should choose the one that has a long replacement period.

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Product Name: Optima RedTop Battery 8020-164

Product Description: The Optima RedTop Starting Battery is a perfect choice for extreme weather conditions. This AGM battery is long-lasting and ensures power start even in hot weather. With leak-proof design and cranking ability, the battery also provides excellent power. The 12 V battery comes in a dimension of 9.38 x 7.69 x 6.75-inches and weighs 31.7 pounds. It comes with the SpiralCell design that ensures a clean and robust power source. It has a power capacity of 90 minutes that ensures a constant performance. Its unique graphite-based design and the heavy-duty plastic exterior have made it unique and durable. This battery a perfect fit for most of your vehicle’s needs. With 720 Cold Cranking amps and excellent resistance to impacts and vibration, it is a durable product available at competitive prices.

  • Durability
  • Features
  • Design
  • Value for money


The Optima RedTop battery is a great product engineered using high conductivity materials. It supplies uninterrupted power and holds resistance to everyday wear and tear, thereby serving you longer. The low-maintenance, leak-proof design makes it a great choice for vehicles running in extreme temperature conditions. It serves all kinds of vehicles including heavy bot, off-roaders, and other automobiles. The best thing about this battery is its greater reserve capacity, which gives a longer service life and uninterrupted power supply even when it is extremely hot outside.


90 minutes of storage capacity
Polypropylene case
720 Cold Cranking amps
Fifteen times more resistant to vibration


May not work if kept unused for a long time.

2) ACDelco Advantage AGM Battery


ACDelco AGM car battery is one of the best car batteries on the market for getting the highest performance in hot weather. It is built on an absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology that requires no maintenance.

ACDelco ACDB24R is reliable for automotive use. It is used valve-regulated gas recombinant technology which provides 3 times a great life cycle than other conventional batteries on the market for automotive applications. The battery is designed in such a way that you will find no leaks at the operating time or a few years later. As it comes with spill-proof design, you have not to worry about a spill.

The valve regulated technology of the battery ensures the safety and longer lifetime for the battery. Its calcium alloy is optimized to produce a fine grain, corrosion-resistant grid, maximize cycle life, and minimizes water consumption for battery durability. Overall, you will be completely satisfied using the battery in hot weather.

  • Spill-proofEasy to installNon-maintenance Perfect fitExtend battery life
  • The battery may die quicklyCannot be used below 32 degrees Fahrenheit

3) Odyssey Automotive LTV Battery


The Odyssey Automotive and LTV battery is another great car battery that features an exclusive design for hot weather. With excellent starting power, deep cycling efficiency, and rapid recovery, it caters to vehicles of all sizes. If your vehicle is loaded with numerous electronics or accessories, you must go for this one.

The best feature of this battery is that it quickly adapts to weather changes, which makes it an adequate choice throughout the year. The pure virgin lead plates offer more surface area and higher power. Even, it offers up to 400 cycles at an 80% discharge rate. From everyday use to high-performance cars, off-roaders, and modified automobiles, it is a perfect fit for all.

It is built using AGM or Absorbed Glass Mat technology that offers high conductivity, high resistance to corrosion, and alleviates acid spills. The sealed design ensures the electrolyte remains in place as well as recycle gases internally. Together this increases the overall lifespan of the battery. Robust flame retardant cells, self-regulating relief valve, and strong internal connections between cells prevent damage caused by vibration. 

  • 40% more reserve capacity than standard batteries850 Cold Cranking AmpsFaster rechargeNon-spill design20 hours of nominal capacity
  • Costlier than the othersDoes not work if kept unused for a long time.


Q: Can hot weather kill a car battery?

A: Hot weather can drain the life out of your car’s battery. If the temperature gets particularly high, the battery fluid can evaporate, which damage can occur to the internal structure.

Q: What happens if a car battery gets too hot?

A: If a car battery gets too hot, it can drain the battery too quickly. Also, Extreme heat can send your battery toward its dying days.

Q: How long do car batteries last in hot weather?

A: Generally, a car battery can last three to seven years. But in hot weather heat can accelerate the battery’s chemical operation. As a result, in hot weather, a car battery may last less than the normal lifespan of the battery.

Q: What would cause a battery to get hot?

A: A working car battery will get warm after normal driving, due to engine heat and carrying a charge load. Also, a faulty alternator or bad voltage regulator can cause heating the battery.

Q: Do car batteries work better in hot or cold?

A: Cold batteries discharge faster than hot batteries. Most batteries can be damaged by excessive temperature and may ignite or explode if it’s too hot. Refrigerating charged batteries may help them hold their charge, but it’s best to use the batteries near room temperature to ensure they last as long as possible.

Final words

Extreme hot weather is always bad for a car battery. It will surely damage the battery. But if you choose by considering its hot weather compatibility features, then you may not face the issues.

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