If you think that a regular car battery will give you enough support in cold weather, then you are wrong. The normal car batteries don’t work properly in extremely cold weather. Very soon they die quicker than your expected time.

If you are living in a place where winter is extremely cold, you must go for a battery that is compatible with the weather. Otherwise, you will find your car getting stopped in the middle of the road and not starting at all. Yes, none of us want to fell in such situations. Therefore, we do not negotiate with the car battery while we are living in a place that has extreme weather.

So, here we will discuss the best car batteries for cold weather and hope that the guideline will help you to find the right option for your car.

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Odyssey 65 Automotive and LTV Battery

Optima 8016 BlueTop Battery

Optima 8004 RedTop Battery


Most of the car owners don’t even consider this fact while choosing a car battery. They think that there is no effect of low temperature on their car battery. But this is not true.

Cold weather can damage your car’s battery. The battery mainly works as a powering element of all the electrical parts including the starting of your engine. Its primary role is to send power to the starter motor to start the engine. These batteries contain an electrolyte liquid that can produce electric charges by a chemical reaction. In cold temperatures, this liquid becomes thicker and cannot produce enough charge to power up the engine. As a result, it loses its strength and durability.

A car battery can lose about 35 percent of its strength at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and at 0 degrees Fahrenheit, a car battery loses about 60 percent of its strength. So, you can see how much harm the cold weather can do to your car battery. That’s why you should purchase a battery that is compatible with such cold weather.


It can bring life to the engine just in five seconds. Regular car batteries cannot work properly in cold weather. They fail to start the engine immediately. But the batteries that are specialized for cold weather can start your engine very quickly.

It has a slower discharge and a faster recharge rate. If you compare with a regular battery, you will find that it has a slower discharge and faster recharge than the regular batteries.

It provides enough power to run the accessories. These batteries come with a high amount of reserve capacity that can be used for running a car heater, seat warmer, or audio system for a long time.

It provides you a relaxed driving. When you have a compatible battery for cold weather, you don’t have to worry about your engine getting shut down and not starting again. It will ensure the smooth driving without any tension about your battery. 


Cold Cranking Amps

CCA or Cold Cranking Amps is a rating of the battery that refers to how many amps the battery will be able to produce at sub-freezing temperatures. When the temperature gets very low, the battery troubles to produce enough power to start the engine. But, if the battery has a good CCA rating, it has the ability to produce the power to start the car. The more is the CCA rating, the more it can generate power.

So, if you are living in a place that has very cold weather, you must consider this factor while buying a car battery. People of cold weather places are familiar with this problem. They how much it troubles to start the engine at such a low temperature. But if you choose a compatible battery that can produce an instant power to heat the engine, then you don’t have to trouble anymore. 


We know that extreme cold weather is bad for car batteries. It spoils the battery’s durability and reduces efficiency. So, you must look for the one that is enough durable. The battery should handle the heavy-duty use and maintain the normal operation in such a cold temperature.

Reserve capacity

The Reserve capacity of a battery is a very important fact. It refers to the reserve of power of the battery. When the alternator in your car is down, the battery will supply power to different electrical accessories of your car. A battery that produces 25 amps at 80 degrees for an extended period of time is considered to have high reserve capacity.

The reserve capacity is calculated in minutes, which means the reserve capacity is the service time of the battery that it can provide while the alternator is down.

So, if you want to keep your electrical accessories alive for a long time, you must choose the battery that has long power capacity.


You can two types of batteries according to their maintenance. One is low-maintenance, and the other is maintenance-free. Maintenance-free units don’t need any maintenance. Because they come sealed and don’t require any replacements. So, you just install it and it will perform till its death without changing its electrolyte or adding water.

On the other hand, low-maintenance units have unsealed caps that enable you to add water occasionally. You need to check its water level and if required, you have to add water.

So, if you don’t want any trouble with your battery, it is better to purchase the maintenance-free battery. 


A good warranty is a must fact that you should check. Generally, car battery warranty could range from 1-3 years. Much of the time, the better batteries get a better warranty. A good battery always comes with a good warranty. So, check for the warranty of a battery before purchasing one.

Other features

Some of the other features that you should check are- age of the battery, size of the battery, or the price. Remember, each of them matter for a battery to be a good one. So, while you are buying one, don’t ignore the considerations. Otherwise, you will regret it.



Product Name: Odyssey 65 Automotive and LTV Battery

Product Description: If you are wondering why this battery is our top pick, then just look at the features of the battery. This battery has a cold crank amp rating of 940, which is the best CCA rating that you have seen so far. Such a CCA rating will provide you the best starting capability in cold weather. The battery has an impressive reserve capacity of 145 minutes and takes just 4-6 hours to be full-charged. It ensures a 70% longer cycle life than comparable options. The AGM (absorbed glass mat) design has made this battery spill-proofed. Its vibration-resistant structure keeps it safe from high impact shock. You will be surprised knowing that the battery can operate from -40 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees Celsius. The odyssey is built for a range of performance from everyday vehicles, classic and antique cars, and high-performance cars to modified vehicles.

  • CCA
  • Durability
  • Easy to install
  • Value for money


Regular car batteries often cannot produce enough power to start your car engine in cold weather. But, if the battery has a very high CCA like this Odyssey battery, the engine will start very swiftly even in extremely cold weather. The battery has a wide range of operating temperatures, which indicates its amazing efficiency in both the extreme cold and hot temperatures. In addition, you are getting a battery with long reserve capacity. If you are used to using several electric devices in your car, then this battery will surely satisfy you. The design and structure of the battery ensure optimized recycling, eliminating acid spills, high conductivity, and more durable than the other options. Overall, this one is one step ahead of the other car batteries.


CCA rating of 940
145 minutes of reserve capacity
Pure AGM battery
Spill proofed
Fast charging
70 % longer life cycle


Very expensive compared with other options

2) Optima 8016 BlueTop Battery

The next choice in our list is the Optima 8016 RedTop battery. Optima batteries are the most famous car batteries around the world. They come with the latest technology and provide an efficient service for a long time.

This battery is one the best of Optima batteries. It has a CCA rating of 750 and very efficient for rough weather uses. No matter the weather is cold or hot, it provides optimal power starting. Not only that, but the battery also has a reserve capacity of 120 minutes. Such a reserve capacity ensures a constant performance.

The battery is mountable in virtually any position and can be used as a boat battery or RV battery. Also, it has a very sturdy structure of polypropylene case that has made the battery fifteen times more resistant to vibration. It comes with a unique SpiralCell design that provides a strong and clean power source and ensures a safe drive.  

It is designed as a dual-purpose battery. It works as both for starting and deep cycle for people who need a sure-starting, strong cranking, and a maintenance-free power source.

  • CCA rating of 750.
  • Reserve capacity of 120 minutes.
  • Unique SpiralCell design.
  • 15 times more vibration resistant.
  • Dual-purpose battery.
  • Expensive.
  • Can be damaged if kept unused for a long time.

3) Optima 8004 RedTop Battery

Yes, another Optima battery in our list, the Optima 8004 RedTop Battery. This 12 V battery is another masterpiece from Optima batteries. It has an impressive cold crank amp rating of 800 and can provide you trouble less driving even in very cold weather.

Like the previous one, this one also comes with a polypropylene case that has made it 15 times more resistant to vibration and more durable. Also, it is easy to mount in your car tray that will save the cost of installation.  

It also provides a 100 minutes reserve capacity to ensure that it can perform constantly. Another unique feature of the battery is it’s Dual SAE & GM Posts. By using AGM technology, it provides completely spill proof service. Overall, the battery can be used without any hesitation while driving in cold weather.

  • Reserve capacity of 100 minutes.
  • Cold crank amp rating of 800.
  • Polypropylene case.
  • Dual SAE & GM Posts.
  • Costly than the regular car battery.
  • Can be damaged if kept unused for a long time.


Q: At what temperature does a car battery freeze?

A: Freezing of a car battery differs for different situations. A fully charged battery will be frozen if the temperature crosses approximately minus 76 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, a fully discharged battery can be frozen at around 32 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Q: Why does my battery die when it’s cold?

A: The production of the power of a battery relies on chemical reactions. When the temperature is low, it slows or stops those reactions. Also, cold temperatures prevent the slow discharge of battery.

Q: Is a car battery still good if it freezes?

A: If it does, it will be weaker and it won’t last long. A frozen battery can be thawed and charged back up, but this won’t always work. It’s best to replace a battery that’s been frozen. You risk the battery dying and leaving you stranded if you try to use it again.

Q: How can you tell if a car battery is frozen?

A: You will notice some signs. You will see cracks anywhere on the battery case and bulging sides. Also, you will hear no sound of liquid when the flooded cell battery is moved.

Q: How do you warm up a frozen car battery?

A: You can try a space heater to warm up your frozen car. Aim it at your battery for 30 minutes. Be sure to turn the space heater off before attempting to start your engine. Once the battery is unfrozen, allow it to warm up to at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit before trying to jump-start it.

Final words

Don’t be foo buying a normal battery for cold weather. You mayignore it, but the trouble will not ignore you. Seems funny? Yes, it is true. You will face several problems if you don’t choose a compatible car battery for cold weather.

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