Who doesn’t love to listen to songs while traveling? It’s a pleasure for us to play the favorite songs on the audio system of our car when we are in long-drive. Some people even run their audio system all the time they drive. But the audio system will drain your car battery storage. Every battery comes with a certain time of storage capacity. If you don’t have a battery with long storage capacity in your car, you will be worrying about it while playing the audio system. In addition, all the electric appliances in your car also draw power from the battery.  

So, what should you do to have a worry-free music time in your car? Yes, you need a car battery with enough storage capacity. And here we will discuss such car batteries and how to choose the best among them.

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XS Power D3400 AGM High Output Battery

Optima Batteries 8014-045

Kinetik HC600 Audio Power Cell Battery


The main two types of car batteries that are available in the market are the wet cell car batteries and VRLA car batteries. All the car batteries are categorized into these two types.

A wet-cell battery is the type of battery that can be recharged. They are used in aviation, electric utilities, energy storage, and cellphone towers. The main component of the battery that it contains is a liquid electrolyte such as sulfuric acid. There are two types of wet cell batteries. The first is the SLI battery and the other one is deep cell batteries. The function of the SLI batteries is to start, light, and ignite. The deep cell batteries are mainly known as marine batteries that provide long electric discharges instead of short bursts.

On the other hand, the VRLA batteries come sealed and don’t need maintenance. So, gasses from the chemical reaction inside the battery can’t escape. There are two types of VRLA car batteries that include the gel cell battery and the absorbed glass mat battery (AGM battery). A gel is used as the electrolyte in Gel cell batteries and in the AGM batteries, thin fibers of electrolyte glass are used to form mats next to the lead dioxide plates.


It provides a long reserve capacity. Usually, the car batteries for the audio system come with long reserve capacity. As a result, you can long power supply for the electric appliances that you use in your car.

You can play your audio system without any hesitation. As, we said before that if your car battery doesn’t have enough reserve capacity, you will be worrying while playing the audio system. But if you choose a car battery for the audio system, you will be enjoying your time using the audio system.

It is less expensive than a capacitor. An alternative method of powering your audio systems is using a capacitor. It provides bursts of power when needed. But they are more expensive and can sometimes even take up more space.


Reserve capacity

The main feature is to notice when you buy a car battery for the audio system is the reserve capacity. Different car batteries come with different periods of reserve capacity. A good quality car battery can provide power up to 100 minutes continuously. Some even come with more than this. If you want an uninterrupted stereo time, you need to choose the one with a long reserve capacity. 


Another vital feature to consider is the power of the battery. A car battery is required to power up the starting of the engine. Also the electric appliances such as the audio system, headlight draw power from the battery. So, if the battery doesn’t have the proper power supply, you will trouble using it. 

Size of the battery

The battery must fit inside the tray. You must know the right size for the battery. The size will determine where and how you can set the battery and use it. So, go for the right size


In the present time, maintenance-free batteries are commonly used. These batteries don’t need any maintenance. Just set it to your car and enjoy the service.

Also, some low-maintenance car is available. These batteries need maintenance occasionally. If you don’t want to pay attention to maintain your car battery, go for the maintenance-free battery.  

CCA and CA

CCA refers to the Cold Cranking Amps and CA refers to the Cranking Amps. The Cranking Amps is the amount of energy that is required to start a vehicle at temperatures of 32 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, the Cold Cranking Amp points refers to the ability of the battery to start a car at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. The more is the CCA, the more is the efficiency of the battery in cold weather. So, before choosing one, identify the battery that goes with your weather condition.

Battery age

Always try to buy a fresh battery that is not older than six months from the time of purchase. Batteries units lose their power over time.

You can check the manufactured date or code on the battery. These codes are written in letters and numbers. The letter and number of a battery indicate the date of manufacture. As an example, if you see the code C/6 on a battery that means the battery was manufactured in March in 2016. So, you need to check the codes and choose the newer one.


Warranty is a must thing to look for when you are purchasing a car battery. Different batteries come in different warranties. On average, they come with 3-4 years of warranty.  It will ensure the long replacement periods for your battery free of cost. So, you should choose the one that has a long replacement period.



Product Name: XS Power D3400 AGM High Output Battery

Product Description: XS D3400 is the best choice high-performance replacement car battery option on our list. It can be used as a replacement for your vehicles standard battery or can also be used as an additional battery to power your high-performance sound system. The 12-Volt Deep Cycle battery is a high-efficient AGM battery. It has massive cranking amps of 1000. The battery has also a massive boasting capacity of 65 Ah, 3300 max amps. The reason behind picking it for the top choice on our list is that the battery is designed for the stereo systems that require a lot of power. Also, it can be easily used for heavy-duty applications.

  • Storage capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Overall performance
  • Value for money


If you want an ultimate performance battery with extreme vibration resistance, this one is for you. If you are thinking of using the heavy-duty stereo setup in your car then this battery is the best choice.
Also, the battery will give you a smooth performance as it is spill-proof, sealed, and valve regulated. This maintenance-free battery is extremely heat resistant. So, you just set it in your car and forget.
The battery comes with a Power Cell that ensures power supply to the electric appliances to your car. Also, it has a sealed absorbed glass mat (AGM) design in which the highest energy density chemistry has been used.


3,000 max amps.
1,000 cranking amps.
Ultra-low internal resistance.
Spill-proof, sealed, valve regulated, and vibration resistant.
Ideal for competition car audio.


The charging takes a little longer to start.

2) Optima Batteries 8014-045


If you want a high-performance battery with long storage capacity, then the Optima 8014-045 is for you. You will be satisfied with this battery for using a lot of accessories in your car, especially for your audio system.

The battery has a massive reserve capacity of 120 minutes which is really long compared with the other batteries in the market. No doubt you will get a constant performance for a very long time. It offers 750 CCA and its C20 capacity is 55 Ah.

It comes in a dimension of 10″ x 6 7/8″ x 7 13/16″ and weighs 43.5 pounds. Also, it has dual SAE and GM posts.

The polypropylene case has made the battery sturdy and vibration resistant. Such a case structure has made the battery more durable and can absorb vibration 15 times more.  

The best feature for all the Optima batteries in the list is that they all come with optimal starting power, which helps your engine to start even in bad weather. Offering deep-cycle and cranking power, the YellowTop also boasts faster charging and over 300 discharge/recharge cycles before it needs to be replaced. Like other Optima batteries, it has a spill-proof design and can be mounted in virtually any position.

  • 120 minutes of reserve capacity.
  • Faster recharging.
  • Polypropylene case.
  • Over 300 discharge/recharge cycles.
  • Dual SAE/GM posts.
  • Comparatively costly.
  • Makes problem to start up if left unused for a long time.

3) Kinetik HC600 Audio Power Cell Battery

If you’re looking for a cheap car audio battery, there is no competitor with this battery. This AGM battery is specially made for audio system use and ideal for systems that are under 600W. You will not find any better option if you are looking for a cheap car battery that will completely fulfill your need with the audio system.

The high-current power output and tightly packed cells ensure improved audio quality. Using spill-proof technology, the battery comes with a lightweight that has made the battery easy to use and install.

You may think that the battery can work better only for audio systems. But you are wrong. It will provide you the high-performance with all the applications. The sturdy structure ensures high resistance to vibration and heat.  

Though the battery is not the best choice on the list, it will provide good performance.

  • Compatible with an audio system.
  • Spill-proof.
  • Vibration resistant.
  • Heat resistant.
  • Lightweight.
  • Bigger audio systems might not be compatible.
  • Low amount of power.


Q: Do I need two batteries for car audio?

A: If you use one battery with sufficient power for the audio system then there is no need for a second car battery. It may be a good idea to add a second battery if you want to be able to run your car audio system longer when the engine is off. Although, it won’t do you any good when the engine is running.

Q: Are AGM batteries good for car audio?

A: Yes, AGM batteries are good Car Audio Battery choices for those who choose to add additional batteries to their system. Because the AGM batteries come with low internal resistance, fast recharge, and they are sealed and maintenance-free. As a result, they work best for this application.

Q: Can a sound system kill your battery?

A: Sound system draws a lot of power from a battery. Using the sound system or heavy-duty stereo sets cause battery draining more than usual. A decent system can easily draw 60-120A which can drain a battery pretty quickly.

Q: Is a yellow top battery good for car audio?

A: If you compare the RedTop battery and the YellowTop battery, you will see that the RedTop batteries are used as an SLI battery and the YellowTop batteries work for starting and deep cycle use.As a result, the YellowTop batteries work well for car audio.

Q: How long can a car battery play music?

A: 8-10 hours may be pushing it. You should be able to play a stock radio system for at least several hours without worrying about the battery if it is in good shape and has a good charge on it.


You will find various models of car batteries on the market that are going to give you some good performance on audio appliances, also on overall. From them, we have tried to find the best on the market to help you with choosing the one with enough power for your needs. So, what’s your opinion? Leave a comment.

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