Generally, we buy a car battery charger and jump-starter separately. But, if you get them together, how it would be? Definitely great.

A car battery charger is used to charge your car battery while the jump starter will jump-start your dead car battery. Normally, a car battery charger cannot jump-start your dead car battery and a jump starter cannot charge your car battery. They come with their separate operations. But, there are some car battery chargers that can also jump start your car battery. 

Though these car battery chargers are not that powerful for jump-starting like the pure jump-starters, they can do so. Therefore, we have compiled here three-car battery chargers that can also start your dead car battery. So, let’s take a look and learn how to choose the best one.

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Schumacher SC1309 Battery Charger Engine Starter

Schumacher SC1281 Battery Charger and Engine Starter

DieHard Shelf Smart Battery Charger and Engine Starter


You can do both charging and jump-starting your car battery with the same device. The combo device is fully capable of charging and jump-starting. You can use it according to your requirements. When you need to charge your battery, use the charging feature of the device, and when you need to jump-start your dead car battery use the jump-starting feature.

You don’t need to buy two different devices for two purposes. Generally, you will find two different devices for charging and jump-starting. The car battery charger cannot jump-start or a jump starter cannot charge a battery. But a combo pack can do so. As a result, you don’t need to buy two different devices for charging and jump-starting.

It will provide you the emergency service anywhere at any time. Most of the device comes in a portable-friendly design, which will help you to carry the device in your car. Your car battery may die in the middle of your way and if you have this device in your car, you completely don’t need to worry for your dead car battery to get started again.   


You will see that most of the battery charger is also called a battery maintainer. As a result, many users think that they are the same thing. A lot of us don’t know that they are two different features. Maybe the features can come in the same device, but they have different operations. So, let’s see which one is called a charger and which one is the maintainer.

A car battery charger is a device that can charge a car battery. It typically sends a constant charge to the battery without regard to whether it actually needs to continue being charged. As a result, the car battery may be overcharged with a charger cause damage to the battery. That’s why you need to keep an eye while charging the battery.

On the other hand, the main operation of a battery maintainer is to sense how much of a charge the battery needs. It slowly sends a trickle charge to the battery while charging over a period of several hours. If the battery is fully charged, it stops sending a charge to the battery. As a result, it will prevent your battery to be overcharged like a charger might. So, it will ensure safe charging and can help to extend the life of the battery overall.



The first thing you should check about the device is the combo feature. Many companies claim that they can do so. But most of the time, they fail to provide the features. So, inspect carefully if the device really can charge and jump start your car battery. 

Charging unit

Now time to check the charging unit of the device. As a car battery can be of different types, they may be fit for the different charger. A car battery can be a maintenance-free, wet cell, AGM, gel cell, or VRLA (valve-regulated lead-acid). One charger may not work for all types of batteries. So, inspect if the battery is capable of your car battery or not.

Power of the charger

Car battery chargers need to adapt to the different types of car batteries it may encounter. Generally, different batteries will have different levels of amps they require to effectively work. Chargers with the ability to detect the required amps and distribute the necessary voltage make the charging process safer and easier. Some chargers also have to charge phases that can read and adapt to the battery’s state and adjust the charging settings accordingly. So, buy a charger that can provide enough power to charge your car battery properly.

Charge Time

The average charge time of a car battery charger will vary, depending on the charger itself and the car battery. On average, most chargers take between two and ten hours to charge a battery completely. If you want a quick battery charger then you should look for it.

Jump-starting unit

Now you can look for the jump-starting unit of the device. As said earlier that the device may be specified as a jump-starter, but it’s better to check if it can do so or not.

Power of the jump-starting unit

The power of a jump starter can be specified in different ways. Among them, the Cranking Amps (CA) and Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) are the most important. These represent the amount of power the jump starter can discharge at 0 Degree Fahrenheit in a short amount of time. It ensures the ability of a jump starter to deliver the juice to your battery for starting the engine. But you need to determine just how much power you need for your vehicle. Different types of vehicles require a different amount of power to jump start. Also, the engine size and age need to be considered to choose the starter power.

Larger engines and older vehicles will require more amps to jump-start. After considering all of the situations, you can choose the power of your jump starter. Inspect your car, your battery, and their age, by which you will understand how much power your jump starter should have. 

Safety features

Charging car battery or jump starting sometimes may cause several safety issues. Sparking, catching fire, or overcharging are some of them. Low-quality devices cannot protect your car battery from such problems. But, you should check for the brand that has enough safety features to keep your battery safe from getting damage.


The device should have a proper size and design to make it portable friendly. The best battery charger and jump-starter devices focus on keeping their products small and light which makes them portable and easy to use. You can carry them anywhere in your car and use them when you need them. So, take a look at the weight and size of the charger and inspect how much portable the charger is.



Product Name: Schumacher SC1309 Battery Charger Engine Starter

Product Description: The Schumacher SC1309 is a combo device of Battery Charger Engine Starter. It is enough efficient to charge your car battery and jump-start your dead car battery. It can deliver a 40A boost and the 200A engine start to jumpstart your SUV, truck, or other large vehicle battery. This combo device is completely microprocessor controlled. It has multi-stage charging for added precision and extends battery life. The auto voltage detection can automatically detect 6 or 12V batteries. It can maintain optimum battery charge automatically by the float-mode and the battery and alternator tester provides charge level and helps diagnose electrical problems.

  • Maneuverability
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Value for money


If you need a heavy-duty charger and jump-starter in one device then this device is for you. It can easily charge heavy-duty vehicles with large engines. It works like a battery and alternator tester, which will provide charge level and help to diagnose electrical problems. Having a digital display, LED indicators, and button controls, this unit is easy and accurate to use. The microprocessor provides automatic adjustment to the amperage rate with multi-stage charging and float mode monitoring for optimum charging and also maintains extend battery life. By using the auto voltage detection, it can detect 6V or 12V batteries. Having a retractable handle and compact wheels have made it portable and easy storage.


Charging heavy-duty vehicles.
Microprocessor control.
Multi-stage charging.
LED indicators.
Auto voltage detection.


Not so portable friendly.

2) Schumacher SC1281 Battery Charger and Engine Starter

Another combo unit from Schumacher, the Schumacher SC1281 Battery Charger and Engine Starter. It features a 30A quick boost and 100A jump start, which is powerful enough to start SUVs, trucks, and large batteries like the first one. With such features, you can easily charge and jump-start your car battery. As the unit comes with a battery and alternator tester, it can provide charge level and help to diagnose electrical problems. Therefore, you can use it without causing any risk to your battery.

The unit has the UL Safety Certifications and features multi-stage charging with auto-voltage detection for added precision. Also, you don’t have to worry about battery life as it ensures an extended battery life.

This device has the reverse hook-up protection that ensures the charger will not operate if clamps are reversed. Also, it is compatible with a wide-range battery type including standard, AGM, gel, and deep-cycle batteries. Overall, it will provide you a comfortable using experience in charging or jump-starting.

  • 30A quick boost and 100A jump start.
  • Compatible.
  • Multi-stage charging.
  • Reverse hook-up protection.
  • Extended battery life.
  • Doesn’t last that long.

3) DieHard Shelf Smart Battery Charger and Engine Starter

DieHard is a well-known automobile company and famous around the globe. Shelf Smart Battery Charger and Engine Starter is one of the combo units from this brand. The unit comes with an intelligent charge control technology. Its Microprocessor controlled operations will give you the best performance.

If you think about safety and battery life, this device will satisfy you. The multistage charging will provide you the safe use and extend battery life. It senses automatically 6V or 12V that will allow you to use the device on multiple batteries.

Preventing overcharge is another cool feature for this device. Overcharge can damage your battery and this unit will not let it happen. It monitors and switches to maintenance mode when the battery is fully charged.

Now consider the jump-start capability. This unit includes 15-40A boost and 125A jump starting capabilities will ensure a restart to your dead car battery. The reverse hookup protection feature will prevent charger operation if clamps are improperly connected.

  • Intelligent charge technology.
  • Multi-stage charging adds precision.
  • LED indicators.
  • 15-40A boost and 125A to jump start.
  • Rustproof and non-conductive.
  • The engine starter does not have enough capacity for my ATV.


Q: What’s the difference between a jump starter and a car battery charger?

A: A jump starter is used to start your engine by providing a power supply to the dead battery while the car battery charger is used to charge the battery providing a continuous charge flow.

Q: How long should I drive my car after a jump start?

A: If your car does start, let it run for a few minutes to help charge the battery further. Unhook the clamps in the reverse order of how you put them on. You should drive your car for about 30 minutes before stopping again. It will help the battery can continue to charge. Otherwise, you might need another jump start.

Q: How do you test a jump starter?

A: Attach the positive cable from the jump pack to the positive terminal of the battery. Attach the negative cable from the jump pack to the end of the negative cable. Crank the engine for 30 seconds, while monitoring the voltage with a DMM. Load test with a tester.

Q: Is it better to charge a battery at 2 amps or 10 amps?

A: Consequently, when trying to charge a larger battery at that rate, it will take a very long time and the battery may discharge at a greater rate than the 2-amp charge can provide. It is better to charge a deep cycle battery at 10-amps.

Q: How many amps do I need to charge a 12-volt battery?

A: Normally, it takes 10 amps. A 12-volt automotive battery may take a while to charge. In fact, it is not recommended to fast-charge this kind of battery. 10 amps are the recommended current.


It’s rare to find a strong and highly efficient battery charger and jump starter combo device. The mentioned devices on our list are one of those rare devices that can do them both. Hope this will help you to choose the best for your car battery.

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